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Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Kinnikinnik Chapter, NSDAR. Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (November 26, 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

If you have information that one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please visit our Membership page.


Name Location of Service Type of Service
Cornelius Acord Maryland Private, Patriotic Service
Jose Rael de Aguilar South America Patriotic Service
Marie Des Nieges de St Denis De Soto South America Patriotic Service
Frederick William Aderhold Pennsylvania Private
David Alderman North Carolina Soldier
Rowland Alexander North Carolina Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
John Allen Virginia Soldier
Joseph Allen Georgia Soldier
Nicholas Day Amos, MD Maryland Ensign, Patriotic Service
Francis Armstrong New York Private
Stephen Atwater Connecticut Sergeant
Paul Babcock Rhode Island Private, Guard
James Barber, Jr. Virginia Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Luke Bartlett Massachusetts Private
William Bartlett Virginia Patriotic Service
Edmund Beach, Sr. Connecticut Patriotic Service
Frederick Beard Maryland Private
Caleb Bentley New York Captain
Joshua Bill Connecticut Private
Ichabod Blackledge New Jersey Private
Pelatiah Bliss Vermont Private
Moses Bloomfield New Jersey Private
Reading Blount Virginia Patriotic Service
Matthew Bolton Virginia Soldier
Samuel Booth Connecticut Private
James Boyd South Carolina Soldier, Patriotic Service
Samuel Boyd South Carolina Private
Christopher Boyer Pennsylvania Private
Josiah Brainerd, Sr. Connecticut Patriotic Service
Reuben Brainard New York Sargeant
John Brewster New York Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Joel Brigham, Sr. Massachusetts Private, Patriotic Service
John Britton Virginia &New Jersey Private
Thomas Brooks Virginia Patriotic Service
Joshua Brown, Jr. New York Soldier, Patriotic Service
Joshua Brown, Sr. New York Patriotic Service
Mathias Brownell Pennsylvania Soldier
Benjamin Bruce Virginia Private
Jesse Buell Connecticut Ensign
Jonathan Buell Connecticut Civil Service
John Bunting New Jersey Patriotic Service
James Burke South Carolina Private
Jacob Burleigh, Jr. New Hampshire Private
Josiah Burleigh New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Matthew Buzzell Virginia Seaman
Jose Cabeza de Baca South America Patriotic Service
John Caffey Maryland Private
Robert Caldwell Pennsylvania Private
Henry Campbell Virginia Private
Hope Carpenter New Jersey Private
Simon Carson Virginia Private
Henry Cary New York Patriotic Service
Abel Castle Vermont Private
David Castle Vermont Private
James Cavitt Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Jacob Chamberlain New Hampshire Corporal
Benjamin Chambers Pennsylvania Lieutenant
Jonathan Chappel Connecticut Civil Service, Patriotic Service
James Cheever Massachusetts Staff Officer
John Clark Massachusetts Private
Jonathan Clover North Carolina Private
Simon Cochran Virginia Private
Charles Comeaux Louisiana PA
Samuel Coit Connecticut Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
John Copenhaver Pennsylvania Private
James Crane Connecticut Sargent
Gideon Crews North Carolina Patriotic Service
Francis Davenport South Carolina Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Jeremiah Dawson Virginia Private
Jose Maria Cabeza De Baca Spanish America Patriotic Service
Cornelius Dempsey Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Amos Dickens Pennsylvania Private
Abraham Ditto Maryland Patriotic Service
James Donnell Pennsylvania Soldier
Ebenezer Douglas Connecticut Lieutenant
Zedekiah Drury New Hampshire Private
Joseph Duke South Carolina Soldier
Thomas Duke South Carolina Private
Gideon Durfee Rhode Island Private
Absalom Eiland South Carolina Civil Service
John Eisenhower Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
John Elliott Pennsylvania Private
Lewis Ely Massachusetts Private
William Emmons Virginia Patriotic Service
Thomas Endicott North Carolina Patriotic Service
James Ewell Massachusetts Private
Alexander Ewing Pennsylvania Private
Richard Fabien Louisiana Patriotic Service
Abiel Fairchild, Sr. Connecticut Civil Service
Joseph Fairchild Connecticut Private
John Farnsworth Massachusetts Private
James Farquhar North Carolina Captain
Joseph Fisher Massachusetts Sergeant
Elijah Flanders Massachusetts Private
Levi Flint Massachusetts Sergeant
Pierre Fontenot Louisiana Patriotic Service
Warner Ford Virginia Private
John Fox North Carolina Private
Frederick Freeman Connecticut Private
William French Massachusetts Sergeant
Henry Fry Virginia Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Samuel Fry Rhode Island Private
John Michael Garner, MD Maryland Soldier
Jacob Garrigus, Jr. New Jersey Private
Robert Gaston New Jersey Lieutenand Colonel, Patriotic Service
Alexander Gill Virginia Patriotic Service
Joseph Gillory Louisiana Patriotic Service
William Glover North Carolina Private
Salathiel Goff Virginia Captain, Patriotic Service
William Goldthwaite New Hampshire Private
John Gossert Pennsylvania 2nd Lieutenant
Joseph Gould Massachusetts Major
William Gragg, Jr. Virginia Private
Thomas Granger Massachusetts Non Commissioned Officer
Peters Grant New Hampshire Sergeant
William Greathouse Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
Hezekiah Gridley, Jr. Connecticut Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Richard Griffin New York Patriotic Service
John Grinstead Virginia Private
John Grubbs Virginia Patriotic Service
Mordecai Gwinn North Carolina Civil Service, Patriotic Service
James Hamilton North Carolina Private
Thomas Hamilton, Sr. North Carolina Patriotic Service
Obadiah Hardesty Pennsylvania Private
Henry Harding, Jr. Virginia Soldier
Shadrach Hargis North Carolina Captain
Daniel Harrington Massachusetts Patriotic Service
Jonah Harrington New Hampshire Patriotic Service
James Harris Virginia Patriotic Service
James Haskell Massachusetts Ensign, Patriotic Service
George Hechler Pennsylvania Private
Frederick Heiner Pennsylvania Lieutenant
Emanuel Heneker New York Noncommissioned Officer
John Henshaw Virginia Private
Samuel Hickok Connecticut Corporal
Barnabas Hinsdale Connecticut Lieutenant
Vachel Hinton Virginia Private
Michael Hittel Pennsylvania Private
John Hogshead Virginia Soldier
Henry Hoke Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Edmund Holmes, Jr. Virginia Patriotic Service
Edmund Holmes, Sr. Virginia Patriotic Service
Matthew Hood South Carolina Soldier
Prosser Horton North Carolina Patriotic Service
John Humphrey Pennsylvania Private
Thaddeus Hurd Connecticut Captain
William Jackson New York 2nd Lieutenant
Joseph Johnson Maryland Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
John Jones Georgia Patriotic Service
William Jones Virginia Patriotic Service
James Keeler Massachusetts Private
Samuel Keeler, Sr. Connecticut Patriotic Service
John Keller Pennsylvania Private
Simon Kenton Virginia Captain
John Killam Massachusetts Private
James Kincaid North Carolina Private
William Knight Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Mathias King Pennsylvania Corporal
Joseph Kirk Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
Philip Klingensmith Pennsylvania Soldier
Joseph Landry Louisiana Patriotic Service
John Lamar Georgia Captain
Joseph Latimer, Jr. Connecticut Sergeant
Joseph Latimer, Sr. Connecticut Colonel
Louis Lavergne Louisiana Patriotic Service
David Lewis North Carolina Private
William Lewis Virginia Private
Abraham Lincoln Virginia Captain
Zenas Lindley Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
William Littlell Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
William Lowther Virginia Major, Civil Service
Antonio Xavier Madrid Spanish America Patriotic Service, Patriotic Service
James Mahan Virginia & North Carolina Private
John Majors North Carolina Private
Lawrence Maley Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
Jeremiah Malpass North Carolina Soldier, Civil Service
William Martindale South Carolina Private
James Mason, Sr. Massachusetts Patriotic Service
James Masterson Kentucky Ensign
Matthew Mayhew Massachusetts Captain
James McBride Virginia Sargent
Robert McChesnew New Jersey Noncommissioned Officer
Thomas Mcqueen Virginia Private, Patriotic Service
Zebulon Mead, Sr. Vermont Civil Service
John Middleswart New Jersey Noncommissioned Officer
Joseph Miller New Jersey Noncom
Nicholas Miller Pennsylvania Captain
Henry Moffatt South Carolina Private
David Montgomery North Carolina Private
John Morrison New York Private
Phebe Frier Muir Virginia Patriotic Service
David Mull Virginia Patriotic Service
William Murphy New Jersey Civil Service
Henry Myers Pennsylvania Private
James Neville Virginia Private
Joseph Neville Virginia Private
David Norman South Carolina Soldier
James Nute New Hampshire Lieutenant
John Nutting Massachusetts Private
Henry Oldaker Virginia Patriotic Service
Joachin de Ortega y Prieto Spanish America Patriotic Service
Ludwic Otterman Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Abisha Packard Massachusetts Private
Eleazer Packard Massachusetts Private
Stephen Paddock Massachusetts Patriotic Service
Barnabas Palmer New Hampshire Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Samuel Patchen New York Noncommissioned Officer, Patriotic Service
William Pearl Virginia Sergeant, Patriotic Service
George Pearcy Virginia Patriotic Service
Enoch Pearson South Carolina Soldier
Tabitha Jecocks Pearson South Carolina Patriotic Service
Antoine Pelletier Virginia Patriotic Service
Timothy Perrin Connecticut Patriotic Service
Abijah Perry New Hampshire Private
Jacob Peters Pennsylvania Private
John Pierce Massachusetts Private
Thomas Pomeroy Pennsylvania Private
Roswell Post, Jr. Vermont Sergeant
Roswell Post, Sr. Vermont Patriotic Service
John Powell South Carolina Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Robert Prentiss Massachusetts Private
William Preston Virginia Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Augustine Prestwood South Carolina Sergeant
William Ramsay Pennsylvania Lieutenant
Elias Ramsburg Maryland Patriotic Service
Andrew Redheiffer, Jr. Pennsylvania Captain, Patriotic Service
Andrew Redheiffer, Sr. Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Johan Reeg Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Asa Reeves Virginia Patriotic Service
William Reeves Virginia Patriotic Service
Michael Remaly Pennsylvania Private
Fabien Richard Louisiana Patriotic Service
Pierre Richard Louisiana Patriotic Service
Victor Richard Louisiana Patriotic Service
Jacob Robbins Massachusetts Lieutenant
James Robertson South Carolina Private
Enos Root Connecticut Patriotic Service
Jonathan Rouse New York Private
George Rowe, Jr. Pennsylvania Lieutenant
Daniel Royer Pennsylvania Patriotc Service
Maria St. Dennia Spanish America Patriotic Service
Anthony Saltsman Pennsylvania Sergeant
Phineas Sargent New Hampshire Private
Pierre Savoie Louisiana Patriotic Service
Frederick Schott Pennsylvania Private
Josiah Seeley New York Lieutenant
Thomas Sellman Maryland Patriotic Service
Anthony Shaffer Pennsylvania Private
Jeremiah Shepard Massachusetts Private
John Michael Shellenberger Pennsylvania Private
Zedekiah Shoemaker Virginia Private
Richard Short Pennsylvania SOL
Henry Simmons Pennsylvania Private
Jeremiah Sinclair New Hampshire Private
John Sinclair New Hampshire Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
David Sleeper New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Andrew Smoke South Carolina Private
Noel Soileau Louisiana Public Service
Moses Souther Massachusetts Private
Benjamin Spees Connecticut Lieutenant, Civil Service
Jacob Stalnacker Virginia Patriotic Service
Godfrey Stemple Maryland Patriotic Service
Silvanus Stevens Connecticut Private
William Stitt, Sr. Pennsylvania Private
Gabriel Strang New York Private
Nathaniel Strong New York Major
John Storm Virginia Private
Joseph Sumner Georgia Soldier
Samuel Sutliff Connecticut Corporal
Elizabeth Elliot Tabb Virginia Patriotic Service
Elias Tarleto Jr. New Hampshire Patriotic Service
Elias Tarleton Sr. New Hampshire Patriotic Service
John Tarleton Maryland Private, Patriotic Service
Zachariah Taylor Virginia Private
Peter Temple South Carolina Private
Richard Tennant Pennsylvania & Virginia Noncommissioned Officer
Peter Ter Bush New York Orderly Sergeant
Michael Thomas Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Frederick Thompson North Carolina Private
Samuel Tilley Connecticut Commander
Erastus Tippett North Carolina Noncommissioned Officer
James Tomlinson New Jersey Lieutenant
Absalom Townsend New York Private
Daniel Townsend MA Private
Peter Tritt Pennsylvania Private
Daniel Tuthill New York Soldier, Patriotic Service
George Van Buskirk Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
John Van Buskirk Pennsylvania Private
Benjamin Van Wagenen New York PVT
Michael Van Winkle New Jersey Corporal
James Vincent North Carolina Patriotic Service
Nathaniel Wade New Jersey Private
George Wannamaker Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Peter Wannamaker Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Jacob Warner Pennsylvania Private
John Warner Vermont Captain
Stephen Waterman, Jr. Rhode Island Private
William Whitcomb Massachusetts Private, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Potter White Rhode Island Seaman, Patriotic Service
Thomas White Massachusetts Private
John Wilcox North Carolina Patriotic Service
John Wilhoit New Jersey Private
Samuel Willett New Jersey Private
Jonathan Winn, Sr. Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Johnson Winn New York Soldier
George Wolfe Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
John Jacob Wolfe Pennsylvania Private
Nathan Wood Massachusetts Private
William Wood Virginia Lieutenant
Joseph Workman Maryland Private, Patriotic Service
Solomon Wright Connecticut Sergeant
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